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AIV Europe Acquires Adanac Valve Specialities

Two Fast Growing Valve Companies Strengthen Industry Presence and Capabilities

We are delighted to announce that AIV Europe has completed the purchase ofAdanac Valve Specialities Ltd.

AIV is an international master valve distributor of high-quality valves and actuators. Established in 1991 as a resource for hard-to-find, exotic alloy and specialty valves, AIV has built a reputation as a premier master distributor in this arena, serving as a trusted resource for the oil and gas, refining, chemical, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper and water treatment industries worldwide.

Commenting on the acquisition Trey Cook, President of AIV said “We are delighted to welcome Adanac to the AIV family. This opportunity further enhances our abilities to maximize our inventory and offer quick deliveries of quality products, particularly for our customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  The combination of AIV and Adanac further expands our model of offering a large diverse inventory, coupled with modification and testing capabilities.” Danny Innes, Managing Director of Adanac comments “We are delighted to be joining forces with AIV and expanding our access to new markets and customers currently beyond our normal reach. The strength and ambition of AIV presents us with a wonderful opportunity to accelerate and grow our business for all the various products and services we provide.”

Founded in 1986 Adanac offers a comprehensive and reliable source for the modification, testing and supply of quality valves and services, with a focus on industry leading delivery solutions. Our experience and knowledge of the needs of the valve industry right across the customer chain is wide and comprehensive. More information on the company’s successes, services provided, management and history are available elsewhere on this website.

Adanac at Valve World Expo 2014

2nd to 4th of December Adanac was one of 665 exhibitors at the 2014 Valve World Expo and Conference at the Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany. This biennial event had exhibitors from 40 different countries, attracting 12,500 visitors from across a variety of industries.

This was the first timeAdanac have exhibited at such an event in their own right, I don’t think it’ll be the last.

The team of 5 set about dressing the stand with posters and samples displaying the various products and services offered.

It was a great opportunity to meet with existing customers, in a lot of cases putting a face to a name after years of talking only on the phone. In addition, it was an opportunity to establish new contacts, the bold corporate colours attracting a good number of people to the stand. Of course the work is only part done. Now the show is over the task is to follow up with everyone that showed interest in Adanac to maintain the contact and encourage their enquiries.

We’re now starting to plan for returning to Dusseldorf in 2016!

Adanac are pleased to support the Bloodhound SSC team in their attempt to break the world land speed record.

For more information on the project, please visit

London 2012 Olympic Games

Adanac had a part to play in the London 2012 Olympic Games when Engineering Director, Neil West was offered a volunteer role. Neil spent time working alongside Omega in the Timing and Scoring Team in The Mall. Shortly after the games were awarded to London in 2005, it was announced that 70,000 volunteers would be needed. “I soon recognised that something like this would only happen once in my lifetime and wanted to be involved”. The volunteer recruitment was a lengthy process, the initially opportunity to ‘express an interest’ was followed about 2 years later by completion of the application form in 2010. Nearly a quarter of a million people applied to volunteer from which 100,000 were selected for interview. Neil’s interview took place in February 2011 and resulted in the role being offered in September. A series of training events took place starting in February 2012 to prepare Neil and the rest of the 70,000 ‘Games Makers’ for what was being billed as the greatest games ever. “I have really enjoyed the whole experience, I’ve met some really nice people from a number of different countries and made some good friends. The camaraderie was fantastic, I found myself getting dragged into some bizarre situations including winning Bronze in a Grand Space Hopper race on Richmond Green the night before the opening ceremony”

Games-time Neil worked as a Judge’s Assistant for the three Race Walk events that took place in The Mall. “I was assigned to an international athletics federation judge from Italy. My job was to record whenever my judge warned a competitor that they’d contravened a rule”. Neil explained that the basic rules of Race Walking were pretty simple “the athlete must maintain contact with the ground at all times, and the leading leg must remain straight until it reaches the vertical position” As such, each time the judge saw an athlete break one of these rules they would issue as series of warnings. There were eight judges around the 2km course, an athlete faced disqualification if they received two warnings from each of three different judges. Neil’s job was to relay his judge’s warnings electronically to a scoreboard so that the chief judge could monitor the number of warnings each competitor was receiving as the race progressed.

“Unfortunately I had a hand in the disqualification of a number of athletes over the three races, quite a responsibility making sure I entered the right competitor number”. London 2012 was the first Olympic Games to use the Omega electronic warning system, previously individual judges warnings were passed to the chief judge manually, normally by someone riding up and down the course on a bicycle.

Neil says he’s come away from the games with some great memories and plenty of souvenirs of the whole process; not least he gets to keep his uniform.  The London 2012 bid focused on leaving a long term legacy of the games. In addition to inspiring and encouraging people to participate in sport, it also aimed to make more people aware of the opportunities that exist for event volunteering and the experience that can be gained from getting involved. As a result of London 2012, Neil has become involved in a project within Suffolk that has seen him helping at a number of local events, taking on a wide range of jobs from parking 3000 cars at an open water swimming event to supervising a team of inmates from a local open prison loading peoples unsold items on to a lorry at a giant car boot sale for a children’s hospice charity.

“Unfortunately, work commitments meant I had to turn down a role at the Paralympics but I’ve got my name down for Rio 2016”

The top picture shows Neil (far left) with other members of the Race Walk Timing and Scoring Team at the start/finish line in The Mall.

Exciting times as Adanac expands:

The Global economic climate of recent years has had a negative affect on a number of businesses in the UK. Whether this be staff redundancies or in some cases closure of the company, many businesses have suffered, regardless of size. At Adanac however we seem to be bucking the trend. Through these tough times Adanac has continued its commitment to staff recruitment and has also managed to develop new products and services, such as the “Flexi-Jacket” heating jacket and the introduction of Elevated temperature testing to +4000C. This has ensured that even in today’s uncertain economic climate Adanac has experienced steady growth, culminating in the opening of our Midlands Sales Office in Cannock, Staffordshire in February 2011 and the exceptional achievement of record sales figures for 2011-12.

ExtensionDue to this steady growth, Adanac is pleased to announce that we have taken the bold step to expand our manufacturing facility in Woolpit, Suffolk by approximately 30%, with a particular focus on our test facilities. In recent years we have seen substantial growth in sales for our testing services so increasing storage and capacity in both our ATaCS testing and Cryogenic Services area, and also our Hydrostatic test area seemed the logical step. Our stock holding and machining capabilities will also see a substantial increase as part of this expansion.

The ground work began in May 2012 and we fully expect the expansion to be completed by September 2012. Please visit our website further updates.

Things are hotting up at Adanac...

Adanac is predominantly known for its close connection to low temperature applications. And whilst this is still a major part of our business, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer elevated temperature testing for a variety of valves such as Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly and Check valves, in a large size range.

Our test capabilities now range from temperatures as low as -196°C, up to +400°C, for Cryogenic testing, Type approval testing and Fugitive Emissions Prototype / Production testing, covering test specifications such as BS EN 15848 Shell SPE 77/312, BS EN 1626, BS 6364, Shell SPE 77/306, 77/200 and others. These tests may allow manufacturers of process equipment to qualify a new or existing range of products for additional or more severe service conditions, increasing their potential customer base dramatically. In additional, such tests may give an end user confidence in a particular product to perform in more extreme applications, or enable them to select a product which discharges less emissions. With the ever increasing demand on production sites to reduce fugitive emissions, this is an important factor to consider.

The nature of our business means that we are regularly required to interpret complex test specifications. Coupled with Adanac’s impartiality, this ensures that manufacturers, stockists and end users alike can be confident in our ability to perform such tests to the highest degree of integrity.

In addition to the range of valves that we are able to test, we can also test other pressure / process equipment including Strainers / Filters, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Regulators and Solenoid Valves. For further information please contact our sales office on 01359 240404 or view our PDF.

Adanac to the rescue:

At Adanac we pride ourselves on our short lead time deliveries of non standard product. From fabricating and fitting jackets for valves, to Cryogenic modifications and testing, our customers always expect the shortest possible delivery time without compromising on quality. Adanac’s consistent level of service has ensured that a large number of end users and OEM’s receive otherwise unobtainable valves in an acceptable timescale. This circumstance was highlighted by a recent requirement for a major global supplier of Industrial Gases when their supplier had gone out of business. This placed them in the unenviable position of being stuck without a supplier of vital valve product, but with customer deliveries to meet!

This requirement was a cold box application for fully extractable Gate and Globe valves. Fully extractable valves can be vital components in the manufacture of cold box assemblies, and once the box is installed the cost to access the valves within can be an eye watering figure! Therefore consistent and reliable supply of quality fully extractable valves is paramount to manufacturers of this equipment. The design of the fully extractable valve allows the user to maintain the valve by accessing the internals without removing the valve from the pipeline, essential for use in cold box assemblies.

Adanac have built an excellent business relationship with this customer over the years and have gained their confidence as a supplier of quality product on short lead times, therefore following the closure of their previous supplier for fully extractable valves it was the logical step to contact Adanac. Upon receipt of the order, Adanac set to work on the design and manufacture of these valves and the first batch were supplied on a 4 week turnaround. A timescale far beyond the expectations of this customer, and a timescale that enabled them to supply their finished product to their customer without the concern of late delivery charges.

Given the urgency of this requirement our customer was expecting to pay a substantial premium for valves to be supplied in their required delivery timescale, but this was not the case. Adanac provided all valves on time and for a comparative price to our customers previous supplier!

We have since received additional orders for these valves, and we continue to provide the excellent service our customers have become accustomed to when dealing with Adanac.

Case Study – Sustainable Efficiency East (SEE)

Adanac – Straightforward and Low Cost Changes Prove Worthwhile

A free energy audit carried out by West Suffolk College under the SEE (Sustainable Efficiency East) project has led to worthwhile changes for a local engineering firm.

Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd, based in Woolpit, found that the actions recommended by the energy audit were straightforward and have proved very worthwhile saving over £1,000 per year.

Neil West, Engineering Director of Adanac, said: “We wanted to take part in the SEE project as energy costs were a real concern to us. Also we wanted to improve our energy efficiency. We manufacture items which are designed to minimise emissions and, as our customers are in the energy business, it’s important we are seen to take an interest in the area.”

Adanac has taken two major actions since their SEE audit, both concerning lighting.

The first involved a major replacement of all the lighting in the manufacturing area.Adanac are delighted with the result, not only because it provides sustainable cost savings but also because, as Neil says, it was really straightforward and cheap to do. The new bulbs were compatible with the old fittings and were not much more expensive than the old bulbs.

The wattage per bulb has reduced from approximately 400 to 150 watts. Neil says: “We have saved so much that we can afford to light a darker corner of the premises, improving the feel of the working environment and of course the safety. “ Another advantage is that the bulbs will need to be changed less often, further reducing costs and inconvenience.

Lights in the office area are now motion controlled. Although the energy savings are not as large as in the manufacturing area, this is a great way to demonstrate the company’s commitment to energy saving. The motion sensor simply replaced the light switch, so this was also a straightforward change.

As a result of the changes, energy cost savings of over £1,000 per year and a CO2 reduction of 6.7 tonnes per year have been achieved. Adanac also received grant funding to assist with these changes.

Further plans include the consideration of renewable technologies, for example solar panels, and the company will be continuing their extensive activities in recycling.

Adanac release the Flexi-Jacket Cost effective and reliable 3-piece Ball Valve Jacketing:

Adanac are pleased to announce the release of the innovative Flexi-Jacket. This unique design of heating Jacket offers universal jacketing of 3-piece Ball Valves at a fraction of the cost involved in bespoke heating jacket design and fabrication. The Adanac Flexi-Jacket is available in 3 sizes covering a range from ½”to 2” 3-piece ball valves. Simply purchase the Adanac Flexi-Jacket required for your valve size and fit to your 3-piece valve. The Adanac Flexi-Jacket can also be applied to valves already in service.

For further details please CLICK HERE.

25 years and still going strong!

Michael BallAdanac co-founder Michael Ball reflects on the last 25 years. From humble beginnings to global supply.

Susan BallAdanac commenced trading nearly 25 yrs ago on Dec 1st 1986 having been formed by Michael and Susan Ball following their return from Canada with some initial assistance from Susan’s father the late Derek Ogden. The main focus of the company was to provide valve users and distributors with a quality source for non-standard or modified valves.

The first premises were an 1100sq ft workshop with office at 7 Chamberlayne Road, Bury St Edmunds, a range of suitable machinery was purchased and “metal cutting” commenced about 10 days later. Workshop staff consisted of Michael doing the machining ,fitting and welding in between taking enquiries and quoting with Susan manning the phones , doing the books and carrying out hydro-testing , eventually we got heat in the workshop! As things progressed we took the plunge to increase staff and our Engineering Director Neil West joined us in June 1988. As things got busier we employed more people including Andrew Gillespy (Chief test Specialist) and Richard Sharpe (Production Manager) who are still with us today.

After about 6 yrs more orders, more staff and more machinery meant a move across the street to Unit 11, a palatial 3000sqft workshop with second floor offices where we stayed for about 3 years; until we quickly ran out of space again.

A lack of suitable property to rent or buy in Bury St. Edmunds sent us looking elsewhere and we moved to our current 10,000 sq ft factory at Woolpit Business Park which was built to our requirements and more latterly has seen Adanac premisesthe addition of a fabrication and welding shop, mezzanine floor for stock and component storage and the dedicated ATaCShigh pressure gas and low temperature test area. Staffing is currently in the low twenties with a wide range of workshop and engineering skills available in a comprehensive manufacturing facility supported by QA and design functions and an efficient general office and sales team. Adanac now actively seek motivated school leavers to join our staff by operating an apprenticeship scheme. This scheme, coupled with our continued commitment to training, ensures Adanac are at the forefront of industry developments and engineering techniques.

Over the years, Adanac’s range of products and services has gradually increased. After initially focusing on modest modification and machining, we have progressed to the advanced engineering techniques involved in our Cryogenic conversions, Cryogenic testing and valve jacketing services currently offered.

From our initial humble beginnings we are now recognised throughout the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries as the specialist modification shop of choice and have close working relationships with many major worldwide valve manufacturers including Flowserve, Kitz, Velan, OMB, Conbraco and Tyco. Our current client portfolio consists of a number of global blue chip organisations such as Air Products, BOC, National Grid, Shell, Ineos and British Sugar and further highlights Adanac’s reputation for quality and service within the industry.

Adanac continues to grow and in February 2011 we opened our Midlands Sales office in Cannock, Staffordshire. The central location enables our external sales team to maintain contact with our customers within the UK and Worldwide.

We look forward to the next 25 yrs with eager anticipation!!

Adanac successfully Fire test Apollo Cryogenic Top Entry Ball Valves:

Adanac have a long term business relationship with Conbraco Industries based in North Carolina in the USA. Conbraco manufacture a range of Valves and fittings under the name of Apollo Valves, a range which includes a High Quality, Top Entry Ball Valve.

Fire TestingThe design of the Top Entry Ball Valve lends itself to critical applications. With minimal leak paths and ease of inline maintenance, it is favoured by engineers and maintenance personnel alike and is now the preferred valve type for the LNG Industry.

Due to the close relationship between the Top Entry Ball Valve and LNG, Adanac have worked very closely with Conbraco over the last year to develop the Valve for Cryogenic service, a development which culminated in a successful fire test on March 24th 2011.

Fire TestingThe tests were undertaken at Technical Valve Services in Leicester, and saw 2” and 3” valves successfully tested. The sizes and pressure ratings of the valves tested ensure a size range of ½” to 6” and pressure rating up to Class 600 are now certified Firesafe to API 607. The certified range also covers reduced and full bore valves in Stainless Steel with Flanged, Socket weld and Butt weld end connections. We plan to have this product range available from stock by the end of 2011, enabling the supply of Cryogenic valves on delivery times from 4 working weeks.

For immediate requirements, please contact our sales office.

New brochure available now!

In March 2011 Adanac released their new brochure. Over the past few years we have substantially developed the products and services we offer and a revamp of our literature gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase these additions.

The updated brochure contains details of all of our traditional products and services such as Cryogenic valve supplymodification and test,Adanac Brochure valve jacketingoxygen cleaning and spring return levers, but also provides information on additional services including standard product supplywelding and fabrication services,valve refurbishment and our design and drafting services.

To receive a copy of Adanac’s latest brochure please fill in the form below or alternatively download a copy here.

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Bury Free PressADANAC TAKEN BACK 10 YEARS (19/05/10)


Workers at a Woolpit firm made a deadly discovery when they found a black widow spider tucked away in a wooden crate. Lee Grist, of Adanac Valve Specialities Limited, spotted the poisonous spider curled up in a corner of a crate which had been imported from America's deep south.

Download Article »

Vlave User Direct MagazineADANAC 1000TH LOW TEMPERATURE TEST (14/04/09)

"Adanac have recently completed their 1000th low temperature test since they officially began offering cryogenic testing as an in house service in 2003."

To download the article from the latest "VALVEuser" by the BVAA, please use the following link below.

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Adanac and ApolloADANAC & APOLLO


On Wednesday 26th August 2009, Adanac were pleased to welcome Allen Bellamy from Apollo valves, who presented Adanac with their renewed approval certificate for modification of the Apollo top entry ball valve for cryogenic application. We thank Apollo for their continued support.



Wednesday 17th June 2009 was the date for this years 'Adanac and AC Valves annual Golf Challenge'. With AC Valves holding the trophy from the previous encounter, the pressure was certainly on Adanac to produce the goods. A late team change for Adanac saw the introduction of new boy Steve Busby as a replacement for Neil West, partnering seasoned pro Dale Kingfisher. AC Valves continued with the pairing of Simon Lane and Mark Conway, which had proved successful last year.

Annual Golf TournamentThe first few holes saw a cagey start from AC withAdanac taking a 3 up advantage after 4 holes. This then increased to 4 up after the 7th. The back 9 saw a change in fortune, with AC upping their game and taking the 10th, 11th and 12th leaving Adanacwith a slender 1 hole advantage.

The Adanac team seemed to be losing their nerve but somehow managed to steady the ship and halved the 13th, 14th and 15th. The 16th then saw Adanac increase their advantage once again forcing a dramatic final two holes with AC requiring just a draw to retain the trophy. Again Adanaccoped well under the pressure winning the 17th, and the trophy, by 2 up with 1 to play.

This years challenge proved to be very close and thanks to the AC lads for a great game followed by a great curry. Bring on next year!!