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Bellow Seal Modifications

Bolted bonnet and welded bonnet 321 and 625 bellow seal modification of gate and globe valves,  ½” to 2” (welded and bolted bonnet) 3” to 8” (bolted bonnet).


Bellow Seal Valve:

A bellow seal gate or globe valve, a safety-enhancing solution, is crucial in various industries, including refining, petrochemical, oil and gas sectors, in fact, any industry where containment of hazardous fluid is key.


  • The bellow provides a flexible, solid metal seal to the atmosphere, preventing unwanted emissions, a significant contribution in today’s low-emission, climate-change-focused world, making you a part of the solution. Adanac modifies standard bolted and welded bonnet valves to bellow-sealed, using 321 and 625 bellows from stock (other materials are available).
  • Bellows are designed to remain flexible and leakproof through many thousand operations.
  • Bellows are tested for helium leaks at the source. Finished modified valves are pressure tested to confirm satisfactory performance.
  • Adanac can offer fugitive emissions production testing, including tightness class AH.
  • Modified bellow seal valves can be CE marked to the PED for use in Europe and the UK.
  • Adanac can produce bellow seal valves for cryogenic duty suitable for process temperatures as low as -196°C.


Bellow Seal Modifications Services