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Adanac Adanac has a comprehensive machine shop staffed by highly skilled and experienced engineers. It also operates an engineering apprenticeship scheme to give young people the necessary skills to work in a busy specialized production machine shop.


In house machine tool facilities include the following:



  • Colchester Triumph gap bed lathe, 15” swing o/bed x 50” long, Imperial lead-screw, Fast threading and Taper turning attachment.

  • Colchester Triumph straight bed lathe, 15” swing o/bed x 50” long, metric lead- screw, Fast threading attachment.

  • Turnmaster gap bed lathe, 15” swing o/bed x 50” long, Imperial lead-screw, Fast threading attachment.

  • Stanley gap bed lathe, 20” swing o/bed x 60” long, Imperial lead-screw.

  • Colchester CNC2000L gap bed lathe, 15” swing o/bed x 50” long, multi-station tool post, Fanuc CNC control.

  • Colchester Master 2500 gap bed lathe, 13” swing o/bed x 48” long, metric lead- screw, Fast threading attachment.


  • Semco turret mill, table size 36” x 9”, R7 spindle, two-axis DRO, and slotting head.

  • Bridgeport turret mill, table size 36” x 9”, 30 INT spindle, two-axis DRO.

  • Bridgeport Interact 2 turret mill, table size 30” x 12” 3-axis CNC control.


  • Archdale radial drill, 4 MT spindle, 2” dia drilling capacity (steel), 3’ Arm.

  • BEMA pedestal drill, 3MT spindle, ¾” dia drilling capacity (steel).


  • Union horizontal borer, 4 MT spindle, facing head, table size 24” x 36”, three-axis DRO.

  • Webster and Bennett vertical borer, 36” dia, 28” high.


  • Addison horizontal automatic bandsaw, 10” dia Capacity, Auto-feed.

  • Addison Super Brown cut-off saw, 2” dia capacity (solid), max 6” broad vice.

  • Addison vertical bandsaw, 12” throat, 2” thick capacity (solid).


ADANAC's welding and fabrication department includes four welding stations equipped for GTAW (Tig), SMAW (Stick), GMAW (Mig), and plasma cutting. Safety features include fume extraction and visual shields.
The department also features controlled manipulators, rotary tables ( up to 30" dia and 150 kg), and a programmable welding lathe for consistent, semi-automatic welding on larger orders.
Fully qualified coded welders perform all welding. Adanac maintains welding procedure qualifications in a number of material combinations, as is generally required by the Petrochemical and other industries. Adanac holds around 20 different types of filler metal to cater to customer requirements, including Carbon and Stainless steel, Duplex and Super Duplex steel, Nickel and Chrome Alloys, Stellite, and other similar hard-facing materials.
Procedure and Welder Qualification is by ASME IX and with third-party approval by Lloyds Register. 
Adanac's welding equipment is complemented by essential fabrication tools, such as small hand rolls, 3" and 5" diameter powered rolls, bending and folding equipment, and hydraulic and hand press equipment.
Typical welding/fabrication work includes:
  • Attachment of Pipe Stubs or Flanges to Socket or Butt Weld End Valves
  • Pipework Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessel Manufacture
  • Wear or Corrosion Resistant Overlay
  • Valve Stem or Bonnet Extensions
Machining & Welding Services