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Cryogenic Conversions

Since 1986, Adanac has been specializing in converting standard Gate, Globe, Ball, and Butterfly Valves to extended bonnets for low-temperature and cryogenic duty, reaching temperatures as low as -196°C.


  • Working directly with manufacturers, Adanac modifies their standard product components, enabling them to expand their product range.
  • The Cryogenic Extended Bonnet conversion designs offered by Adanac include BS6364:1984 and other user specifications such as Shell 77/200.
  • ADANAC’s prestigious PED certification is a testament to our commitment to quality and safety. It ensures compliance with Pressure Equipment Regulations after modification, providing peace of mind.
  • At Adanac, we prioritize quality without compromise. Our highly qualified welders perform our bonnet fabrication welding on-site to third-party approved ASME IX welding procedures. These welding procedures have undergone rigorous qualification, including impact testing at -196°C for Austenitic Stainless Steel and -46°C for Low-Temperature Carbon Steels.
  • Cryogenic Extended Bonnet conversion generally involves cleaning and degreasing valve components, followed by final assembly and pressure testing in ADANAC’s approved on-site Clean Room facilities.
Cryogenic Conversions Services