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Cleaning & Testing

Cleaning & Degreasing

ADANAC’ s facility includes a Positive Pressure Clean Room for the assembly and testing of valves and valve-related products for Oxygen Duty and other critical processes.

Cleaning processes:

  • Both Solvent and aqueous cleaning
  • Meeting specific customer requirements
  • Verification of cleanliness
  • Direct visual white/black light techniques
  • Sample wipe and solvent analysis procedures

Post Cleaning Procedure:

  • Final assembly
  • Pressure testing
  • Parts sealed, bagged, and labeled to prevent contamination

Specifications and Standards

  • Air products 4WPI-SW70003 Class AA
  • BOC 50000810
  • BOC 50000634 Commercial Clean
  • Air products 4WPI-SW70002 Class B

Pressure Testing Facilities:

  • Cleanroom allows for full post-assembly leak testing
  • Pneumatic test pressure up to 345 bar (5000 psi)
  • Uses various gases, including nitrogen, helium, and nitrogen/helium mixtures


ATaCS combines a number of Adanac's pressure testing techniques and services alongside Adanac’s modification and manufacturing facilities to offer a full range of Valve Testing to OEMs, Contractors, End Users and other Manufacturers.


  • Testing of Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, and Check Valves for Cryogenic Service at temperatures down to -196°C and Elevated temperature testing up to +400°C. 
  • Testing of other pressure/process equipment, including Strainers/Filters, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Regulators, and Solenoid Valves at temperatures from  -196°C to +400°C
  • Test specifications include National standards such as BS EN1626 and BS6364, User specifications including Shell SPE 77/306 and 77/200 and many others.
  • Fugitive Emissions Prototype/Production Testing standards and specifications include BS EN 15848 and Shell SPE 77/312.
  • Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Production Testing to standards including BS EN 12266, API 598, API 6D, and many other user and national standards/specifications.
  • High-Pressure Pneumatic Testing at pressures up to 345barg (5000psi) using Nitrogen, Helium, and Helium/Nitrogen mixtures.
  • Hydrostatic Testing to 750barg (11000psi).
  • Performance/Endurance Testing.
  • Prototype testing of finished products or individual components for product development.


NDE Testing Services

Adanac is able to offer Non-Destructive Testing Services, employing PCN qualified testers including:

  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI/DPI)

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

  • Radiography (X-ray and Gamma)

  • Ultrasonic Examination

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Labelling & Tagging

Adanac has Computer-Aided Electronic Engraving equipment and produces metal tags and labels to meet customers' product identification marking requirements. Our Edward Prior dot marking machine allows the marking of text and simple logos on pre-cut tags and labels. Blank tags and labels are accurately produced by either laser or Water-Jet cutting for small—medium volumes. Larger volumes may be produced by stamping.


  • Common information can be screen printed or etched where required, allowing the addition of the customer's individual order/product specific information to be added by dot marking.
  • Tags and Labels may be attached to the product by a variety of means including wound and crimped wire, nylon tie, blind rivet and spot weld.
Cleaning & Testing Services