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Valve Modifications

Adanac was formed in 1986 to offer modification services to the valve supply industry with quality manufacture and reliable delivery being the key to our continued growth.

ADANAC provides a full range of valve modification capabilities for all valve types, sizes, and pressure classes. In addition to standard modifications, our in-house engineers regularly work with our customers to develop customised valve solutions. Most modifications are factory-approved, allowing original manufacturer warranties to remain intact. View Manufacturer Approvals  


Bellow Modifications

321 and 625 bolted bonnet and welded bonnet Bellows modification to gate and globe valves, ½” to 2” (welded and bolted bonnet) and 3” to 8” bolted bonnet. 


Valve Trim Changes

Adanac can take a standard, off-the-shelf valve and modify the trim components to suit the user’s specific requirements.
Typical trim changes include:
  • Replacement of stem, disc and seat components in an alternative material
  • Also overlay of seating components to provide improved wear and process resistance.
Materials include:
  • Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels
  • Chrome and Nickel based alloys
  • Copper based alloys
  • Hard Facing materials such as Stellite 6 and 22.
Ball Valve trim changes include replacement of Ball and Stem components in alternative materials.
Adanac also offers Surface Coating of valve components such as Electroless Nickel Plating, Wear Resistant Materials and Passivating.


Fugitive Emissions Bonnet Extensions

Reducing plant emissions for safety and environmental reasons is important to most valve users.

  • Adanac modified Ball, Gate, and Globe Valves to provide an extra-deep stem gland seal incorporating double gland, lantern ring, and vent tapping. This increased integrity sealing reduces leakage to the atmosphere, with the facility for early leak detection in processes where reducing emissions is important.

Soft Seat Conversion

  • Adanac modifies metal-seated gate, globe, and check valves to soft-seated by fitting inserts into the wedge, disc, or seat. Insert materials such as PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, EPDM, and Viton are held in stock, allowing standard valves to be modified on short lead times.

Ball Valve Seat Changes

  • Adanac holds stocks of semi-finished rod and tube in various materials, including Virgin and Filled PTFEs, PEEK, PCTFE, Devlon, Nylon, and UHMWPE, for the manufacture of ball valve seats in non-standard materials. Adanac has experience redesigning seats to suit particular applications.

Gland Packing and Gasket Changes

  • Adanac holds stocks of gasket materials in finished and semi-finished form allowing us to respond quickly to requests to change the gasket on valves from the standard material. Cut sheet and spiral wound bonnet gaskets can be produced and fitted in a few days.
  • We also hold stocks of common manufacturer stem packing materials, such as James Walker, Latty, Garlock, and Beldham. Our stem packing fitters are approved by Garlock GB.

Outside Lever & Weight

Adanac provides assisted closure mechanisms fitted to swing check valves. Extending the valve spindle through a gland arrangement allows for several applications where greater control of the operation of a swing disc type non-return valve is required. Such as the addition of:
  • a weight to assist closure.
  • a damper to control the speed of closure.
  • a locking device to hold the valve open (or closed) when required.
  • a fusible link to provide closure in case of fire.
  • limit switches or proximity sensors for remote monitoring of the valve’s position.
Valve Modifications Services