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Heating Jackets

Adanac provides a service to valve manufacturers, stockists, and distributors by designing, fabricating, and fitting heating jackets to valves and other pressure equipment, including strainers, filters, flow meters, and sight glasses.

  • Partial Jackets—A heating jacket welded to the outside of the body provides direct heating because the outer shell of the valve becomes the inner shell of the heating jacket.
  • Clamp-On Heating Jacket—The Jacket is designed in a self-contained vessel that fits around the valve body. It allows for easier maintenance or replacement.
  • Full-Length Heating Jacket – Adanac will modify the standard flanged valve to either an oversized flanged or wafer pattern, allowing the entire length of the valve to be heated without obstructing the end of the flange. Materials included are Carbon Steel (BS EN 10025 S275JR) and Austenitic Stainless Steel (ASTM A240 316-L).
  • ADANAC’s standard heating jacket is designed to operate at 150 degrees Celsius with a maximum pressure of 10barg. However, we understand that each project is unique; therefore, we are ready to accommodate higher temperatures and pressures to meet your specific user requirements.

Heating Jackets Services