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Design & Drafting Services

ADANAC's design department has a team of design engineers and draftsmen who, in addition to designing our own products, offer design and drafting services to third-party clients.

Our design department, equipped with applications like Autocad® and Mathcad®, offers a comprehensive range of services. They can produce full or partial product designs for diverse industry sectors. Their drafting and drawing services include parts manufacturing drawings, general assembly, and 'as built' drawings.

  • The design department has also produced operating, installation, and maintenance instruction documents for clients.
  • Our designers are familiar with recognized national standards, including ASME IX and PD5500 for pressure vessels, valve-related pipelines, and product design standards. Our design team has a vast library of reference documents and information available to them.

All design activities are performed within the scope of our BSI-accredited ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Design & Drafting Services Services